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Meet your coach - Michael Aagaard

Hi I'm Michael Aagaard and I'm here to help you nail your next conference presentation! 

I've been a full-time CRO practitioner for 10 years and I've been doing public speaking for the last 8 years. 

I've held keynotes in 12 different countries at a multitude of conferences and I've basically lived through every single horrifying experience you can imagine as a public speaker.

I'd like to share my experience and use it for something constructive; that means helping you become a confident speaker so you can rock any stage at any marketing conference - regardless of whether you are speaking in front of 15 or 1500 people.

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Here are

"Michael was indispensable! He helped me refine the structure and story to make it more relatable to the audience, gave insightful feedback about the delivery and pointed out where I could punctuate certain points to make the presentation more powerful. I highly recommend working with Michael!"

- Hana Abaza, Head of Marketing at Shopify Plus

- Deal with nerves and stage fright 

- Craft an engaging storyline 

- Design a beautiful slide deck

- Develop a strong stage presence

- Deliver a solid and impactful presentation

I can help You:

"Michael provides actionable feedback on the content, style, and delivery of the talk. He was patient in helping me tailor the content to the audience, guiding me through the flow and connection of the talk, and pointing out potentially tricky parts that could use more practice. I worked on my talk as Michael suggested, had a blast at the presentation and received great feedback from the audience. I would highly recommend Michael's speaker coaching to anyone giving an important talk!

- Yu Guo, Data Science Manager at AirBnb

My approach to speaker coaching

Me  with 3 students I am very proud of. I was one of the coaches at Unbounce's CentHER Stage Speaker Bootcamp in  2017.

Public speaking is straight up terrifying - there's no getting around it!

If you are left to your own devices with no help, the pressure can drive you nuts - especially if you are new to presenting at conferences. 

My job as a speaker coach is to help you get ready for the stage - that involves everything from dealing with stage fright to crafting your story and designing your slide deck. 

My approach is very hands-on and actionable. Moreover, it is based on my practical experience from 8 years of speaking at conferences all over the world.  

We all have our own unique “speaker personality” and I'm going to help you find yours. I'm not going to try and mold you into something you're not - I want to help you become the best speaker that you can be in a way that comes natural to you.

"Michael can quickly identify a presentation’s weak points. Not just in terms of delivery but also the structure and clarity of the slides themselves. My talk was definitely made better thanks to his constructive feedback. At least, that’s what the CXL Live audience thought: they voted me best speaker. "

- Els Aerts, Managing Partner at AGConsult

"Michael's encouraging, yet critical eye over all aspects of a talk was invaluable. Though he has his own "unique" presentation style; he works hard with you to find your own. Post-Aagaard, I felt the conviction and confidence to deliver my biggest & boldest talk yet!

- Ed Fry, Head of Growth at Hull

You have a presentation ready that you’ve either done before and want to improve or you are getting ready to do it for the first time and you want to nail it. In this scenario, I offer 3 sessions (each are one hour long) where we focus on optimizing the presentation and getting you ready for the stage.

Here my approach is to work on strengthening the weakest parts first (this could be storyline, delivery, slide design, etc.). During the first session, you’ll do your presentation for me via Zoom using screen sharing. I’ll take notes, give you feedback and a prioritized list of what you need to work on and how to best do that (you can think of this as homework for the next session). You’ll go off on your own to work on the presentation and we’ll set a date for the second session.

During the second session, you’ll do your optimized version of the talk for me and I’ll give you a second round of feedback. By the second session, you’ll already have made lots of progress (I guarantee it!) so the feedback will revolve around getting the presentation to the next level. You’ll go off again on your own to do your second round of optimization and we’ll set a date for the third session.

For session 3 you’ll do your latest iteration of the talk for me, I’ll give you the final round of feedback and we’ll focus on the last details. By this session you’ll have come a long way and you’ll be ready to take your presentation to the stage!

The early bird price for the 3 sessions is CAD 700.

Speaker coaching sessions - the details

You are building a presentation from scratch and you’d like help from the start to make sure you’re headed in the right direction and that you’ll end up with an awesome presentation. In this scenario, I offer 6 lessons (each one hour long) where we focus on everything building a rock solid presentation with beautiful slides to delivering it on stage. 

For this this setup, we’ll divide the 6 sessions into 3 main parts:

1. Getting the storyline, main points and content down

2. Building and designing the slide deck

3. Practicing doing the presentation

We’ll do roughly two sessions on each of the 3 parts – where we spend most time will depend on what your main strengths are. In my experience, you’ll make a lot of progress in the first two sessions alone, and the presentation will already have come a long way.

Before we do the first session, it is important that you’ve spend some time considering what topic you want to talk about and what points you want to get across. If you have several topics, we’ll start by figuring out which one you should pursue. It is a bonus if you have content ready in the form of examples, case studies, research and data.

The early bird price for the 6 sessions is CAD 1,300.

Optimize Your Presentation and Nail Your Next Talk (3 sessions)

Build a New Presentation From Scratch (6 sessions) 

I am currently offering two setups. One is suited for folks who already have a presentation and want to improve it. The other is suited for folks who are a building a new presentation from scratch.

Speaking at a conference soon?

Wanna make sure you nail it?

- Deal with nerves and stage fright 

- Craft an engaging storyline 

- Design a beautiful slide deck

- Develop a strong stage presence

- Deliver a solid & impactful presentation

I can help You:

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